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Top honeymoon locations in India - Mangalore

Mangalore:, Mangalore is the sea-side town located on south tip of Karnataka bordered by Western Ghats. The name of Mangalore is derived from Goddess Mangaladevi, the main deity of the temple located here. Mangalore has a very favourable location was major trading centre in ancient times. The town was invaded by Portuguese in the 16th century, successively by Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. Mangalore exhibits the blend of Kerala, Karnataka and other various settlers. Mangalore is the town of beaches and temples which are its prime touristís attractions. The town is worth seeing with its twisting streets, lined with old-fashioned houses. Like Goa, Mangalore is a also destination for folks who are out for honeymoon especially for those couples who love to spend romantic time on beaches

Major attractions in Mangalore:
A drive through National highway 17 is mind-blowing which is parallel to the beaches for a distance less than 95 kms; while driving you can enjoy glimpses of sparkling sea every now and them with stiff sea breezes.

Panampur beach is located near the new Mangalore port is appealing beaches of Karnataka. The beach is very closed to the city, it is crowded during weekends to enjoy watching sunset along with a glass of sugarcane juice. The beach is famous for the events organized in the last week of April which fills the place with enjoyment by celebrating kite flying, boat races, sand sculpture contests and food festival.

Someshwar beach is very pristine which looks astounding from the top of the hill. There is Lord Shiv temple where worshipers often visit to offer their prayers. Sunset on Someshwar beach is outstanding.

Ullal beach is quite rough, notorious and dangerous beach with unpredictable current is lovely watching from safe distance. The beach view amidst summer sand through Carurina groves is awesome. The musical sound of trees as the sea breezes caresses the branches and leaves bring romantic mood in you. Caution, do not take risk to swim in this beach.

Surathkal beach is again bit dangerous beach with several accidents noted each year. In last Tsunami, couple of girls died in this beach. The beach is known for sunset and stunning Lighthouse on top of the rocks in the evening.

There is Gokarna beach located 200kms. in the North of Mangalore known for the temples. The place has four memorable beaches which are Om beach (shaped like auspicious Om Sign), Kudle beach (20 minutes drive from gokarna), Half-moon beach and Paradise beach. You can enjoy the sea and beach by taking a hut on rent here.

A Jain Pilgrimage centre Moodabidri have numerous basadis with most reputed one is Savirakambha Basadi. Basadi carries its importance with having more than 1000 pillars different from each other. A huge monolithic pillar in the entrance welcomes the pilgrimage in basadis. The temple contains carved idols of Teerthankars made from metal and adorned with jewels. Along with Mangaladevi temple, Kadri Manjunatha temple is the temple of Lord Shiva in which a spring called Gomukha originates from the bottom of Lord Ganesha idol.

Mangalore also hosts tall and beautiful churches. Out of all the most famous is the St. Aloysius Chapel which is around 100 years old. The church interior is covered with frescoes and the painting here depicts events of the life of St. Aloysius.

How to get there:
Mangalore has its own airport at Bajpe. You can ca fly to Mangalore from Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin, Goa and Calicut daily. National Highway 17 and 48 passes through Mangalore along with that bus are running between Bangalore and nearby towns. It has two railway stations from where trains run to Bangalore and other main cities of South India.

Climate, Food and Shopping:

Mangalore is located on coastal belt hence it has pleasant climate throughout the year except March to June. Ideal time to visit Mangalore is from October to February.

You should not miss a chance to taste local cuisine rich with seafood and coconut. You should also visit nearby town Udupi which is known as the originator of Masala Dosa and other various South Indian cuisines. It should also taste tea and coffee here which has a unique flavor and taste. The Udupi cuisines are so famous that it is available in each restaurants and every nook of South India.

There are various things to shop. You can pick up beautiful and interesting handicrafts from here. Mangalore is known for Cashew nuts and coffee which is quite good option to shop.

If you are coming to Mangalore, you will find some interesting and beautiful handicraft items to shop. The destination is known for high quality coffee products and cashew nuts.

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