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Top honeymoon Islands - Maldives Islands

Maldives Islands:, Maldives is cluster of 26 chains of islands with more than 1000 modest islands located in the Indian Ocean at the southern side of India and southwest of Sri Lanka. Maldives is heaven on earth especially when it comes to honeymoon. It serves perfect combination privacy and beautiful, picturesque backdrop with sun, sand and sea ideal for honeymoon couples. Amidst of all this, you can enjoy ample of activities that makes you closer to your partner.

Major attractions in Maldives Islands:
Male fish market located near Republic Square along the beachfront always remains busy. However, pick hours is in the afternoon at 4 pm when you can find beach full of boats returned after giving extensive efforts for the whole day. Tuna fish is the most common fish with enormous specimens laid out in the market. Like vegetable wholesale market, fishes are kept for displays which are sold off to restaurants from all over Maldives.

Local market is situated just few minutesí walk from fish market where you will find many interesting things. People in different groups bring their items from their respective Islands to exhibit and sale. You will find fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, spices and handicrafts items. Items made from coral, pearl, turtle shell, and reptile skin are prohibited in Maldives. It is advisable not to buy any such item and it would create trouble at airport thinking that you would be propagating trade of endangered creatures. Typically, many resorts arrange the trip to other Islands which may end up paying lot of money. It is better to buy souvenirs from local market and arrange trip in your own way.

Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque was constructed in 1656. It is beautiful mosque with some intricate carving predominantly made from coral. The carvings are present on the mosque exterior and interior especially on ceilings. National Museum in Maldives is located within palace in Sultan Park. It is very enchanting and attractive green space with beautiful fauna and flora. Natural Museum is very interesting place to visit. It is very different museum than what you might see in London or New York. Here, you can find coral sculptures, various objects from pre-Islamic period, wide range of wooden carvings and traditional musical instruments of Islands.

Major Activities in Maldives Islands:
Maldives is best scuba diving destination worldwide. Hundreds and thousands of scuba divers visit Maldives every year to get great under water experience. Many divers visit every year to explore new dive sites. The excellent way to enjoy the experience of scuba diving in Maldives is from a live aboard safari. You can easily spend couple of weeks in Maldives and explore Islands on cool safari boats facilitating all necessary amenities.

You might get surprised to hear that Maldives has some interesting and unique policy for establishing resorts. You will find only one resort on each Island along with hotels and restaurants which has built with certain standard. As a result of this, the destination is most isolated, luxurious and spectacular place in the entire world. Hence, relaxing at resort enjoying sea beach is also fantastic idea in Maldives.

Sunsets in Maldives are wonderful and spectacular. After the sunset the life becomes slow. Find a good location overlooking ocean with ice-cold beer and enjoy the sun melting into the sea. It would be memorable and unbeatable experiencing this feeling with your partner. You would like to know that the Maldives has now become international surfing Islands. Many international competitions ware organized here recently. Some of the resorts provide facilities to surfers that take you out for few hours in a boat to capture the best breaks. Snorkeling in Maldives is marvelous experience for those who love to explore underwater life. If you love snorkeling then you can either carry your snorkel from home or even hire it from the resort.

How to reach Maldives Islands:
Maldives are very well connected to almost every parts of world either by airways or waterways. You can find numerous international flights connected to Males the capital of Maldives from countries like Thiruvananthapuram, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. You can reach Maldives from India or Sri Lanka connected with waterways with adequate frequency of ships. Once you reach Maldives, you can use taxis, motorcycle and bicycle for internal transportation.

Climate and Shopping in Maldives Islands: It all depend on your liking whether you prefer to visit Maldives in summers or rainy seasons. Even winters are pleasant with adequate sunshine. The visit to this island is always interesting around the year. The best time to visit is from December to April which is considered to be peak season with great demand. Shopping is real delight in Male, the capital of Maldives with variety of cosmetics, apparels, jewelry, perfumes, local handicraft items, electronic gadgets and gizmos.

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